1-3/8 Wide Crown Stick Packaging Staples, (0.074 x 0.037), 3/4 in, 5/8 in Leg

Quality staples for every fastening application.

All staples are collated with an adhesive coating that not only holds the staples
together, but aids in staple penetration and helps with withdrawal capacity.

Lengths range from 1/8 to 2-1/2 inches. Both light wire and heavy wire staples are available in
steel, coated, and stainless steel, and are typically classified by crown width.

Fine wire staples have cross-sectional dimensions.
Heavy wire staples have gauge sizes.

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Item # Description Leg Length Crown Width Fine Wire Size Pack Quantity Case Quantity
SW74373/4 Staple, 7437, 1-3/8" CN, 3/4", Gal 3/4 1 3/8 in 0.074 x 0.037 in 2400 10
SW74375/8 Staple,7437, 1-3/8" CN, 5/8", Gal 5/8 1 3/8 in 0.074 x 0.037 in 2400 10