ACRL-7070 , #1300 Acrylic Gold Mirror Sheet

Products specifications
Item Name #1300 Acrylic Gold Mirror Sheet
Color Gold
Width 48 in
Length 96 in
Thickness various in
  • Acrylic mirror is Lighter & Easier to Handle & Fabricate than glass mirror
  • Safer than glass (non-shattering, impact-resistant, flexible)
  • Available in clear, textures and colors
Applications: - Ceiling tiles, lavatory mirrors, observation mirrors, fitness center mirrors, cases, signage, end-cap displays, auto backup mirrors, interior trim & accessories, security mirrors, see-through security mirrors, inspection mirrors

Exhibits the highest strength and stiffness
Mirrored acrylic sheet is made with continuously processed acrylic sheet. Fabback® mirror sheet features the industry's toughest protective back-coating. The durability of this sheet makes it virtually scratch-resistant during fabrication.