Foam Fabrication

Custom Dunnage

Let Johnson Plastics fabricate your next dunnage piece. We design and manufacture reusable pieces for the shipping, handling, and/or processing of parts or products for a variety of applications. These pieces are specially engineered to protect the parts during shipment and can also be utilized during the manufacturing process.

Customer Fabrication:

Our experience in fabrication enables us to produce custom designed signage, POP displays, specialty parts, custom cut parts used in office furniture, recreational industry and automotive applications to list a few.

Types of Application:

Bumper Nesting DunnageBumper Nesting Dunnage
Parts Compartment DunnageParts Compartment Dunnage
Finished Good Assembly TraysFinished Good Assembly Trays
Finished Parts Assembly TrayFinished Parts Assembly Tray
Bumper Protector
Bumper Protector
Custom Foam DunnageCustom Foam Dunnage
POP Displays
POP Displays
Fabrication Machine PartsFabrication Machine Parts