MPC3840 , Machine Grade Polyester Strapping

Products specifications
Nominal Width 3/8 in
Nominal Thickness 0.019 in
Footage 12,500
Approx. Weight Per Pallet 1430 lb
Coils Per Pallet 28
Coils Per Box 28
Color Green
Core Size 16 x 6
Nominal Break 400 lb
  • The better solution.
  • For medium and heavy duty applications - lumber, brick, corrupted, graphic arts and the can and bottle industries.
  • Less expensive than steel on a cost per foot basis.
  • Weather resistant - won't rust or stain your product.
  • Superior impact resistance.
  • Retains tension with elastic memory.
  • In longer labor saving coils.
  • Safer and 80% lighter than steel strapping.
  • Requires less floor space for storage
  • Superior pliability
  • Minimal elongation
  • Compatible in all major packaging equipment.
  • Available in machine and hand grades.
  • Recyclable.
  • Machine Grade.
  • Polyester Strapping.
  • For heavy duty use.