PC4060 Woven , Bi-Directional Woven Cord Strapping

Products specifications
Item Name Bi-Directional Woven Cord Strapping
Nominal Width 1/2 in
Nominal Break 600 lb
Footage 3,900
Standard Pack 4 Coils Per Box
Weight 64 lb
Color White
  • Available In bonded and woven.
  • The original non-metallic strapping,
  • Portable and versatile.
  • Works like a flat rope with superior knot strength.
  • Soft finish won't damage or mar surfaces.
  • Can be used without tools or dispensers.
  • For heavier applications use metal buckles and tensioners.
  • Also available printed and in colors.
  • Cord Strapping
  • For Easy Hand Bundling
  • Bonded and Woven
  • Hand tie or use or plastic buckles