Phenolic Rod and Tube

Thermoset composite materials have the advantage of having extremely high strength and stiffness at relatively low cost when compared with thermoplastics.

Each thermoset composite consists of a reinforcement material such as glass fiber or woven cotton that has been impregnated with a plastic resin such as phenolic or epoxy. The resulting composite has unique properties depending on the resin-reinforcement combination selected.

Diameter tolerances vary by size and by manufacturer

Grades Include:

C Canvas Phenolic
CE Canvas Phenolic
FR-4 Glass Epoxy
G-10 Glass Epoxy
G-11 Glass Epoxy
G-5 Glass Melamine
G-7 Glass Silicone
G-9 Glass Melamine
GPO-1 Glass Polyester
GPO-3 Glass Polyester
L Linen Phenolic
LE Linen Phenolic
Punchable grades
X Paper Phenolic
XX Paper Phenolic
XXX Paper Phenolic