Plastic CNC Machining

CNC Routering and Fabrication

Johnson Plastics & Supply provides CNC routering and fabrication services of a wide range of materials for automobiles, trucks, furniture, and recreation products. In addition to routing and fabrication, Johnson Plastics offers our customers complete design services as well as in-house fixturing and tooling. Johnson Plastics uses both our 3-axis Thermwood and 4-axis Komo CNC routers to cut profiles such as circles, straight lines, and designs out of sheet plastic, wood, composites, and laminates at a feed rate of 1,500” per minute. Johnson Plastics Thermwood can handle parts with maximum dimensions of 5’ x 10’; our Komo will accommodate parts 6’ x 10’; and dual tables can be used to increase part dimensions even further. Our CNC control capabilities and cutting skills (2D and 3D) are in addition to other manufacturing services such as drilling, trimming, patterning, and milling as well as template and mold production. Cabinet panels and tops, machine plates, sign letters, parts, doors, boat floors, and much more are all manufactured to tight tolerances of ±.005”. Johnson Plastics CNC routers can produce from 5 to 5,000 parts. Our specialty production shop will deliver prototypes and a wide variety of runs—low volume, small, high volume, large, and long. Typical lead times on jobs are one to two days, three to four days on new jobs, which are quoted on a job-by-job basis. However, emergency and rush services are available. DWG, DWZ, DFX, and DXF file formats can all be used to guide our routers and fabrication equipment.

Johnson Plastics & Supply has been precisely profiling parts and components using our CNC routers since 1995. Contact us today to learn more, or see the table below.

CNC Routering & Fabrication Capabilities

Machining Processes Profile Cutting
Equipment 4 Thermwood CNC Routers
1 KOMO Router
Equipment Capabilities CNC Control Capabilities
CNC Cutting Service (2D & 3D)
Design Assistance
On-the-go Tool Changes
Machinery Axis 3 axis on Thermwood
4 axis on KOMO and Thermwood
Fixturing In-House Fixturing & Tooling
Part Dimensions 1 - 5x10 Dual Head Dual Table Thermwood
1 - 5x8 Dual Head Dual Table Thermwood
3 – 5x5 Dual Table Thermwoods
1 – 5x10 single table Thermwood
1 – 5x6 Dual Head Dual Table Komo
Tolerances ±.005”
Materials Plastic Sheets
Honeycomb Panels
Particle Board
High Density Polyethylene
Laminated Wood (Metal, Plastic or Wood)
Secondary Services Offered Assembly
Production Volume CNC Router 5 to 5000 Parts
Specialty Production Shop
Prototype (2D Parts)
Low Volume
Small Run
High Volume
Large Run
Long Run
Lead Times Available Typically 1 to 2 days on old jobs
Typically 3 to 4 days on new jobs
Quoted on job by job basis
Emergency services available
Rush Services Available
Additional Information
Industry Focus Auto/Truck/Transportation
Intended Applications Furniture
Plastic Sheets
File Formats AutoCAD(DWG,DWZ)