Polyurethane Molding

Polyurethane Foam, Molding and Polyurea Spray Coatings
Polyurethane Molding
Polyurethane Molding
Polyurethane Molding

Partnering with Johnson Plastics & Supply for your polyurethane foam applications will provide your company with value added services. Johnson Plastics produces a variety of products including POP displays, architectural trim, picture frames, cabinetry and home entertainment components as well as office furniture and marine applications, in both high density structured foams and low density soft foams.


The specialized techniques used at Johnson Plastics & Supply enable us to reproduce the visual characteristics of wood grain , stone, brick or hand carved designs and other three dimensional qualities with lower costs and increased durability.


Mold Making:

Johnson Plastics & Supply produces our own hard molds in house at a fraction of the cost of steel molds, yet producing the same quality of part. Our hard mold process provides consistent quality and maintains closer tolerances over our competitor's soft molds. Johnson Plastics has three Urethane Pouring Machines and three High Pressure Spray Coating Machines which gives us the ability to produce several products at the same time on the same production lines.


Markets Serviced:

    • RV trim, moldings, cabinet doors (panel and curved)
    • Home entertainment cabinets
    • Retail POP displays
    • Office furniture
    • Marine tables, counters and sinks
    • Architectural trim, columns
    • Theme Park


Johnson Plastics' patent pending mold process is unique to other foam makers in the industry. Through much research and development, we have fine-tuned our process enabling us to produce hard molds with different grains in the face.


We are able to produce parts with high tolerance issues where traditional silicone molds cannot. This gives us much higher consistency in every aspect of the process. The two piece mold also offers the ability to apply metal or plastic inserts and plastic composites for strength directly in the molding process. This leads to another advantage of the hard molds... durability. Silicone molds only last, at best, a couple hundred good pours. The advance in our mold process has given us the ability to guarantee our molds for the job life. The updates of our release coatings plus the temperature resistance of our interior skins give us clean molds every pour, which enables the mold to have such a long life. Average mold costs are a fraction of traditional injection molds, which is minimal for a mold guaranteed for the life of the job.


Our zero shrink tooling gives us the ability to do multiple hinged tools with little to no flashing on the trim edges.