Signabond Products

  • UL Listed and recognized
  • PPG Coating protected
  • All products NCHRP 350 approved for FHA temporary construction zone signage
  • One of the most technically advanced panes ever produced
  • Formed in a continuous process using a patented 10-STEP method of material and chemical application developed in Germany and Italy
  • Manufactured using high quality ISO9002 Standards
  • Strong and durable
  • Resist corrosion
  • Impervious to water and most chemicals
  • Suitable for most out door conditions
  • Extremely light weight
  • No pre-treatment needed for vinyl and paint graphics
  • Easily cut, fabricated (Signaboard 2mm, Signaboard 3mm, and signaboard 6mm) and measured using wood or metal tools
  • Variety sizes and colors
  • Fast delivery
  • Recyclable

15 Layers of Quality

  • 1 Polyethylene Sheet
  • 2 Adhesive Film
  • 3 Anti-Corrosion Coating
  • 4 Aluminum Alloy Sheet
  • 5 Pretreated Surface
  • 6 Primer
  • 7 Durable Paint coating
  • 8 Protecting Film
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Item # Color
ALUM-0010 White/White
ALUM-0020 Black/Black
ALUM-0030 White/White
ALUM-0040 Beige/Beige