Slider Zip Lock Bag

Slider bags-Slider zip lock bags represent the ultimate in ease of opening and closing of any zip lock bag, even while wearing gloves

  • Smooth and effortless seal
  • Pre-opened for ease and efficiency
  • Durable 2.7mil film for variety of applications including cold storage
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Item # Width Length Unit
Slider-0609 6 in 9 in 250/box
Slider-0807 8 in 7 in 250/box (Quart)
Slider-0810 8 in 10 in 250/box
Slider-0912 9 in 12 in 250/box (gallon)
Slider-1007 10 in 7 in 250/box
Slider-1318 13 in 18 in 250/box (2 gallon)